Welcome to Mama Jen’s Teas and Bees!

We are a family business offering a line of herb infused honey and blended herbal loose leaf teas.  We also love helping our customers by putting together custom blends to suit your desires and health needs!

Mama Jen is the matriarch of the family, who has studied herb cultivation and herbal medicine extensively and loves to put her passion to use!  You can usually find her reading to her 5 sweet children or puttering around in her herb garden.  Aralyn Elizabeth, oldest daughter of Mama Jen loves helping harvest the herbs and create new tea blends.  Papa Paul helps with the harvesting and distribution of Teas and Bees, while the littlest of the family help with watering and weeding!  It truly is a family affair and we would love to share our bounty with you!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Mama Jen’s Teas and Bees!

    • Hi Debbie,
      If you click on the Tea Blends tab on the left hand side, it should show a list of the teas that I offer. There are a few specialty teas not listed but sold at Greene’s County Store in Lake St Louis. Those teas include Nursing Mother’s Tea and Chocolate Mint. I also offer a number of gift boxes that I don’t have listed here as well.

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